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by darkangel
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by darkangel 
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1) NotThe4ChanGuySIZED.png
Joke about 'moot point' goes here
Click here for full-size image

Get Ready! Knux gets a gig in everyone's favourite bizarre 80's pseudo-3D shooter, Space Harrier! He even has rings!
2) humsmario3athletictheme.PNG
Actually, everything's proper-sized. They're just Special Stage Rings.
Honey, I Shrunk The Hedgehog. Actually, I'm surprised they never made that movie inamongst the desperate straight-to-video sequel rush.
3) NOTfeelingthesunshine.PNG
It doesn't brighten up your day? (filename)
Sonic R makes its way to the GBA in what was and is a rather impressive hoax. I'm not even making a joke about it!
4) GenocideCityAct2.PNG
Tch. He has rings. Too easy.
Wow, when DA called this "Genocide City Zone", he wasn't kidding. Or, as DA suggested we call it, "I Wanna Be the Zone".
5) montypythonsquishyfootFIX.PNG
Now I'm humming the Python theme. I hope you're happy, DA.
And now for something completely different. A hedgehog with a tape recorder up his nose.
6) ChaotixButThey\'reInSpace!.gif
Error loading file DKA/ChaotixButThey\'reInSpace!.gif
A cutscene, perhaps, in Star Chaotix. No foxes here, no sir.
Um? (filename)
Sonic fights what I'm told is a member of Organization XIII, from Kingdom Hearts. Apparently putting my money on the hedgehog is not a wise move.
8) evotitle.PNG
It is immediately banned in several US states.
Tired of hoaxing on existing games? Just hoax up a whole new one! This is Sonic Evolution.
9) evochar1.PNG
No 'aaaaaand...' ?
And here's a character selection screen for the above. Hits all the standard buttons for a GBA Sonic game, including the ever-so-mysterious ???. Nice use of existing GBA game elements, too.
10) evo1fix.PNG
Why, it's almost like Sonic 4, except no-one is bitching.
Finally, let's get to the game itself! Using a lot of existing elements, we get Cosmic Circuit!

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