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1) A bit of a techy.PNG
Although surely the 7:75 counts too...
A relatively easy techie, if you know the games. What's wrong here? Highlight: The Ring flashes on/off in S3K not Yellow/Red And now you know!
2) BomberSonic.PNG
Bomberman fan reaction: 'Blatant cameos? Meh, could be worse. Could be Act Zero.'
Sonic in Bomberman. I'm sorry, I have to go look up the music on Youtube. Sonic is an enemy?
3) Invisable.png
Putting a new meaning on *clearly* ready to go, amirite?
Espio practicing those wonderful ninja... er, chameleon skills.
4) Kirby Sonic 1.png
Well we've seen it now in Brawl, but what would it have been like in Kirby's own series? Uh, this.
5) Kirby Sonic 2.png
Why does that look disturbingly like a mohawk on Kirby?
And here is the spiky-coiffured result. I can't believe I actually used the word "coiffured" in a sentence.
6) Kirby Sonic 3.png
What's the matter? Is my hair too spiky? Not spiky enough?
No, wait, here's the real result. Probably still just as spikily-coiffured, only you can't see it. Um.
7) Knuckles Emerald.PNG
It looks like I wasn't the only one on Earth who actually enjoyed the Knuckles Emerald-hunting stages, as Kit goes to the trouble of recreating one for GBA.
8) Tails Gets Board.png
Hey kid, can I borrow your... hoverboard?
It looks like CoolCorky wasn't the only one to think of Tails getting, ahem, board. Kit makes it a *skateboard*, though, y'see.
9) The Anticlimactic Final Boss.PNG
Ouch, that's gotta sting. Sonic goes for the... low blow... early on in the Eggman fight. He is immediately kicked out of the professional boxing circuit.
10) One number.PNG
Of course! It's so obvious!
The sad part is, people used to send me techies this pedantic as real hoaxes, where Kit sends one as a joke. He changed one number in the debug co-ordinates, by the way.

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