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by Shiver
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by Shiver 
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1) Sonic CD special Stage Advance.png
Hmm. I think the music would be a tad murdered, though.
A Sonic 3D Special Stage, now redone for GBA! Imagine the main game though... finding the time-travel points and Eggman machines is hard enough on a big screen!
2) Emerl Color PA.png
Seems to be a very Chaos-inspired colour scheme, there.
Sonic Battle time! Here's what happens when the game story decides to actually pay attention to your Emerl colour changes!
3) Chaos Episode Select.png
Sonic Battle again. I'm really looking forward to the astonishing dialogue from the main character in this episode.
4) Lava Reef Boss.png
The first person to make a joke along the lines of being 'fired' will be seriously injured.
Impressive! It's a boss for Lava Reef that might actually be slightly more difficult to beat. Love that it's an action shot, too, not just Sonic standing there. The little touches!
5) Possibly Impossible.png
Does this mean the fish in the background just stay as fish?
Hah! I don't think it can be said better than how Shiver said it: "Sonic 1's special stages without a twist."
6) i liek difficult bosses.png
Actually, this isn't a boss. This is a 'how many fingers am I holding up?' minigame. That's why Sonic's hiding his eyes, so as not to cheat.
I bet this log still has a twist, though. One that isn't related to the final boss of S&K rocking up out of nowhere, that is. Er.
7) sleddin.png
Remember people used to think Knux was Jamaican? If he was on this sled would it be Cool Runnings?
OK, so we know Tails got his own snowboard eventually, but back in Sonic 3 this section was a little unfair. Here they are fixing the problem with a two-man sled!
8) fat space.png
Love the filename :P
It's the final boss of S&K Death Egg - S2 style! Not that the old games changed graphical style in between games or anything :P
9) this place is.png
That's gotta hurt.
An epic series! (1) Knux cops a Madmole mushroom to the mouth...
10) juicy.png
Or maybe it didn't. It's like the colours are watching me, man.
(2) ...looks like Madmole collects rather interesting mushrooms. Whoa, dude. I've totally got the high score.

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