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Submit a Hoax 

Oh good! Someone is intelligent after all! Congratulations.

Choose a file to upload:
Images must be no larger than 640x480 and 175KB (well, 175KiB if you want to be *really* picky about it...) and must be in jpg, gif or png format.

(Explain the hoax. This won't be the text that appears on the page - this is for our benefit. If it's a crossover, explain what with. If it's a techie, give me the answer. I don't care how obvious you think it is. If this doesn't happen, I don't put up the hoax. Also, please don't use any HTML or BBCode formatting here.)

SV Hoax uploads are currently restricted to those who have set up an account by submitting either a review or WCMO that has been approved by the staff. Enter your username and password here:

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