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a gaming update at Mon 26-May-14 12:43:10
Apologies for the terrible pun, but I may be overexcited by the revelation that there may actually still be people reading this. At any rate.

We've now had two weeks to mull over why Kinect is so integral that it's optional, game shops across the world "dropping" the price by removing both Kinect and Titanfall. We're on to you, EB. We're on to you. Not that we really needed two weeks to mull over it. Fact is, it is a gimmick. It was, it is, and it shall be. Yes it allows people to live out their Tony Stark / Star Trek fantasies (no, not those kinds of fantasies, and not combined, although I can suggest with near certainty that fanfiction.net will have something along those lines among its yawning chasms), but really, you're a remote control with an on switch and inbuilt mic away from those anyway. Nobody knows what to do with the thing from a gaming perspective, and I mean this thing in particular; I've seen plenty of impassioned defences of the device on the net in the last two weeks where people imagine what might be possible, and in ninety percent of cases their imaginings are already possible with an inbuilt mic and/or Wiimote/PSMove. The sad part is, it's a device with plenty of potential for use, but that use has been found for practically everything but gaming. And don't give me the "but it's still new" excuse; a) it's not (see above) and b) Six months after the DS came out Japan had Kirby Canvas Curse, Meteos, WarioWare Touched and Another Code (aka Trace Memory) already out, and Ouendan coming.

All I'll say is this, Microsoft: it better be a pretty damn good E3 conference.
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Thu 5-Jun-14 21:59:39

I don't know why I'm reading this. Were you making a fan game? The hell. Join my forum, maybe? We are making a game design community too :) indever.co.uk I am earthhuman btw.

Wed 11-Jun-14 21:43:41

COngratulations! Well earthhumaned. I've made a couple of fangames before: When Tails Gets Bored and Sonic Stash, you may have heard of them. Hell, WTGB even has a TVTropes page. Not so much into the scene now, but I do have a copy of MMF2 so maybe one day...


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