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So. Sonic Boom, then.

Never let it be said that I don't give a game a chance. I was one of the many successfully fooled by the launch trailer of Sonic '06, for pity's sake. And so we've seen gameplay footage of Sonic Boom now, but I will reserve judgement for a later product.

Because right now? I'm not overly impressed.

Sega, you had it. Colours and Generations were great. Even Lost World, for all the flaws it had and the myriad other imaginary flaws people liked to imagine it had, showed promise. So why now are we taking another stab at Sonic Heroes? (Yes, I know you're actually going for more of a Sonic 2/Sonic Advance 3 thing. We'll see, is all.)

I get that this is a cartoon tie in, it's by Big Red Button, and back in Japan they're still working on, if you'll excuse the medium reference, our regular scheduled programming. But it seems from the admittedly limited footage released that you're taking what you know worked in 3D and scrambling in the opposite direction. I'm not sure if it helps or not that this extensive use of the rope swing mechanic reminds me greatly of the Chain powerup from Rayman 3, also known as "one of the greatest platform games in the history of the everything". All I can say, BRB, is that you better be damn good at using this mechanic.
The instant I game over because I missed a microscopic window to attach to an Ener-Rail is the instant your review goes down by 2 or 3 out of 10. But do it right, and all is forgiven.

Now, let's discuss other things from the footage.

Music: Thumbs down. Sorry. It's generic cartoon music and after the insanely catchy music of Lost World it seems a step backwards.

Graphics: Thumbs kinda sideways. I know the WiiU can do better than this. But it fits the cartoon vibe I guess.

Voice talent: Thumbs up. Amy is outright better, Knux is good, and Eggman steals the show as normal. As for Sonic...? See...

Use of voice talent: Thumbs vacillating wildly. There were some genuinely funny lines of chatter (Knux: "Hey! There are things inside these things!") and there are some where all I could hear for the next second was the sound of a hundred thousand mute buttons, simultaneously, all over the world. It's going for that Kid Icarus: Uprising vibe and that game was genuinely funny. So we'll see. If some of these generic lines get repeated too much ("Hey!" "Nice one, Big Blue!" "It's like these courses were built for me!" et cetera ad nauseam), they're gonna get real old real quick.

But like I say. I want to play it. I want a demo. I want to give it a try. Sega I want to like this game, but it's difficult, especially when I know there could be a Lost World sequel that improves on the original like Colours did for Unleashed.

This game is an experiment, a side project, I know. But we thought that about Colours at first, too. Hell, "The Lion King" was made by Disney's B team while the real blockbuster was supposed to be "Pocahontas".

Sega, I'm unimpressed so far. Please prove me wrong. Please do this right.
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