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a sonic update at Fri 12-Jun-15 11:37:19
I still wonder how this happened. Generations and Colours were so good. They were so good that we could take the announcement for Lost World with cautious optimism. But now, three games later, the news of Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice just leaves me rolling my eyes. I'd like to believe that this is going to be better than the last abomination they put out. After all it can't possibly be worse. Right? Lightning has struck twice already, it can't possibly be three times, right?

Methinks it can. Mehopes, still, for some reason, it won't. And I still hold out some small hope that Sega Japan are going to announce a real Sonic game. Please, Sega?

Sonic Lost World fell prey to some of the old faults - especially where someone decided instakills in a limited-lives system equal fair challenge. And where someone else came in from a weekend of reading GameFAQs posts about other game series and decided that, for some bizarre reason, what the Sonic series really needed was a godsdamned stealth section. But they made these errors in Unleashed, and then the next game was Colours. A Lost World 2 could be really good. And the idea that Sega's share of the proceeds might go towards it is literally the only reason I am prepared to countenance Fire and Ice right now.

Sega. We're watching.

In SV news, I intend to more actively participate in E3.
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a gaming update at Wed 11-Jun-14 01:46:15
I really was all ready to chat about E3 right now. On Xbox, Sunset Overdrive is snarky. Unique UbiArt goodness in Valiant Hearts. Sony has resurrected (so to speak) Grim freakin' Fandango. EA had a revolutionary lineup of sports titles and Battl-- eh. Ninty went all Skylanders with Amiibo, then announced they'll work with Smash Bros. Oh, and Palutena is in it. As are Miis. There was FutureCoD and Halo deals and PlaystationTV and The Division and everyone's outsourcing to you now what with Spark and LBP3 and Mario Maker and what not.

So this whole post was going to be about that.

But there's a Sonic movie.

I just... I'm literally bewildered. I cannot know if this will be really good or utterly terrible or kinda ok or what it is. Am I happy? Am I cringing? I don't freaking know. They're talking about The Smurfs, which worries me. Then they mention the writers are from the Upright Citizens Brigade and that's tremendous. Then I hear "22 Jump Street" and "The Fast and the Furious" and.. I don't know. Just... what a bizarre combination of influences. You're not meant to hear "The Smurfs" in the same article as "The Fast and the Furious". They're not compatible. And this in a bombshell that's taken close on two decades to drop. I... what. Someone tell me if this is good or bad.

Oh also there's some new Halo game or something.
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