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a sonic update at Thu 6-Nov-14 11:54:08
Have you heard the name of my new band, "My Sonic Obligation"? I digress. My Sonic obligation is, of course, the fact that Sonic Boom was playable on 3DS at PAX Australia, and so of course it was my duty to play it and report on it. Or so I thought, not knowing at the time that SEGA wee going to release the exact same demo to the eShop within the week anyway. So you've now played it and judged it already anyway. And the fact is you're not likely to change your mind based on things like comparative opinion. But we press on anyway.

It's... not bad. I've been told that this means I'm "trying to be optimistic" but truth be told this game is a lot better than I thought it would be. But then of course I thought it would be a train wreck. It had its fun moments playing, and I was genuinely impressed by some of the uses of Sonic mechanics among the standard action-adventurey stuff. That's basically what this is. Solid. Standard. Safe. But relatively enjoyable. This won't be the grand Sonic Return To Form. This will be on the better side of average. But seriously, I was thinking up nightmare scenarios, and at least it is a relief that these will not occur.
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