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a gaming update at Sun 14-Jun-15 15:28:24
So I'm sure you were all watching that (he says, implying his readership is in the plural).

Um, wow. Even with the Ryu/Roy leak, that had some surprises. Like the rival series game costumes. OK sure they're only costumes, but you realise it's now possible to have a Ryu vs. Heihachi vs. Akira matchup. OK so the first two were already possible on Street Fighter vs. Tekken, as admittedly were Mega Man and Pacman, but now all this is tied in to both the Virtua Fighter and Smash Bros rosters too. Now, SEGA and Capcom, your next step is to work the Smash Bros universe into another Project X Zone.

But anyway.

Ryu's moveset, huh? Multiple moves for each button mapped to a C-Stick style tap vs. hold mechanism. Stronger B specials activated by inputting their original SFII button combo. Two Final Smashes. People are going to get scary good as this character, I can see Ryu players exploiting the subtle differences between the Smash-moveset and SF2-moveset strengths of the move. Gonna be a bitch to play against.

His stage also looks awesome.

Also impressive, speaking of stages, was the Miiverse stage with character-specific Miiverse posts showing up as you play. I'm sure this will not be abused at all.

This is impressive stuff.
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a gaming update at Sun 15-Feb-15 02:54:02
If you'd told me that Rayman would be trending on Twitter, I'd.. likely not believe you. And yet, there he is, just above Smash. For therein lies the rub. The rumours are circulating that Rayman might be new DLC for Smash Bros! Anyone who still reads this knows well how I feel about both participants in this little equation, so you can well imagine that I'd like this to be true. It certainly looks convincing enough - there's lots of little details there, like the Rayman 1 reference pose on the character select screen, an Origins Lum as the series icon, et cetera.. there's even a video purporting to show Rayman on the character select screen. And we know Ubisoft already allowed Rayman and Globox trophies, so the licensing shouldn't be that hard if it's an issue at all. And yet... I'm not entirely sure. SV, as you know, became a base for Sonic hoaxes, and one of the reasons it isn't that anymore is that hacking and video editing are easier than ever. So video alone isn't going to convince me. No, I need leaked sound files. I need to hear the Ali Hillis-voiced Palutena's Guidance file on Rayman. I need the announcer's Rayman sound file. When you have the game's actual voice actors putting in voice work for a character, that's when I'll believe it's real. Although if it isn't, maybe I'll get to troll people with stories of having to win Hungry Hungry Kirby on Hard 10 times on a rainy Wednesday all while your WiiU clock is set to 1995...
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a gaming update at Tue 7-Oct-14 11:26:05
I once saw a magazine review of a DVD of an early Simpsons series. You know, when they were funny and/or relevant. At any rate, it was admittedly a capsule review, but the entire thing - literally the whole review - was nothing but quotes from that series. And of course you knew all the quotes because they were legendary and no further actual review was necessary because it's the freaking early Simpsons.

I'm not sure if Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is the right title to start the upcoming return of the Sonic Vegemite reviews section, because I'm sorely tempted to do a review like that. The fact is I can make Mario fight Sonic inside the Pac-Man maze. The fact is I can beat up EggRobos with the Villager from Animal Crossing. The fact is that, right now, I have a picture in my gallery of my Mii standing next to Magnus from Kid Icarus as he destroys my enemies at my command. That's a little bit sad really that last one. I don't care. Either these things - or any of a thousand other combinations - mean something to you, or they do not. The only exception is if you have been busily complaining because For Glory mode allows characters other than Fox, in which case I literally cannot help you make a purchasing decision.

Oh, Smash Run? It's a bonus stage that drags on for a bit too long. Seriously I'm not sure why anyone thinks that Smash Run, rather than Classic and All-Star modes, is actually meant to be the major single-player game mode. I mean, hell, it's even got the full suite of Multi-Man Melees. OK, Smash Run does get a button of its own, but we know where all the real games are.

Now if you'll excuse me, these For Fun matches won't lose themselves...
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