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a site update at Sat 27-Aug-16 14:27:26
I have had it mentioned to me that
a) people are, in fact still reading this, and
b) that some of said people would like to have a certain section of the site restores to its... well, if not the primacy and/or glory it once held on these not-actually-hallowed-at-all pages, then at least restored.

I speak of course of the magic "H" word, "Hoaxes". The hoaxes from the self-submitting Web 2.0 reboot of Sonic Vegemite are of course still available here, but we're speaking of the old, dusty archives here.

I'm going to be honest. I was very picky during that time, and yet, not picky enough. A great deal of the submissions I inexplicably decided to place on the page at the time were, looking back on them, awful. Like, really, really bad.

So maybe I could put up some, even the bad ones, if only as a file depository. Maybe I could comment on some again, even. I am doing, somewhere in the depths of my free time, a site redesign, and maybe there could be some inclusion there.

I think two things really ended hoaxing: 1) 3D games and the requisite step up in effort and talent required to convincingly Photoshop in 3D rather than sprite editing, and 2) modding. It's really not that impressive to have a hoax saying "oh look, here is Amy in Sonic 2" when the response will be "yeah great, here is a ROM hack where you can actually do that". I guess anyone who wishes to hoax, really, could start up again on Sonic Mania (and that, in itself, is worth discussion) and just hope that they inspire the inevitable mods rather than imitate them.

If nothing else they would make good Twitter images.

Which gives me an idea...
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a gaming update at Sat 27-Oct-12 02:03:05
It occurs to me that I have no real method as such besides the MB of informing humans that a post has happened here. Thoughts continue on the matter.

They will however have to contend with thoughts on Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask which I intend on purchasing shortly. I await another 150 puzzles including the damn block moving/traffic-jam puzzles that WILL invariably take me far too long to solve. EB's website suggests the aforementioned item is in stock. I'm not sure I ought to believe such a statement, but I can but check. But.

Also, registrations are apparently almost half-gone for three-day tickets at PAX Australia, so if any of the zero people reading feel like coming to Melbourne next July you should probably get onto that pretty sharpish.
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a site update at Sat 13-Oct-12 09:41:05
1) Although nobody asked or cared, the title of the first blog post was from the Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One, which I've only started reading but is already awesome. It's 2044 and the world is escaping from its increasingly horrible reality by searching for the multi-million-dollar prize hidden in the virtual reality/Internet known as the OASIS by its programmer, a man obsessed with pop culture in general and that of the 80s in particular. There have been references to the TRS-80 Color Computer, Back to the Future, Discworld, Firefly, and Midnight Oil's 1987 hit "Beds Are Burning", amongst many, many other things, and I'm less than halfway through the book.
2) So I've been working on more coding for the site, so now I have a system for tags and bookmarks. I think I'm getting a fair way through Act 1. And of course I just ensured some more interesting search terms in this post.

3) You may have seen at TSS how Sega put up a new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing. It looks pretty good, actually. But I have to wonder if the Danica Patrick model is her or it it's Miranda Lawson.
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a site update at Wed 10-Oct-12 20:41:58
So.. um... hi. Welcome to Sonic Vegemite. Again. Probably, for the two people who may be actually reading this right now, you're... probably not wondering about this whole "video game" thing. Because this is a site about video games and so this is just a fitting if slightly pretentious way of going about it, right? But what's with the "Zone 1 Act 1" nonsense? Well, I'm glad you asked. (If you didn't ask, pretend you did, because this post is going to be pretty dumb otherwise.)

Basically, it's the start of the new site. This is to both let readers of the site (all three of them) know that I intend in future to add more back to the site, and to give myself additional motivation for doing so. Because hey, this is a game, you're not going to quit on freaking Green Hill Zone are you? That's the act that any reasonably competent person can finish within thirty seconds. "Oh no, this running to the right business is waaaay too hard for me!"

So, how many Zones are there going to be? (I have no idea. Pretend this is a game that hasn't been thoroughly spoiled on the Internet, and if it's a 90's game, we haven't read the manual that details all the zones.) When I put up highlights from the old site with brand new commentary, is that like Sonic Generations-esque nostalgia levels? Are there going to be Acheivements? What about time trials and leaderboards? Is there going to be a Special Collector's Edition? When everyone invariably hates the new design, are there going to be Sonic 2006 references? Will I ever stop asking stupid questions that over-analyse this rather dumb point? I dunno. Let's find out!
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