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a site update at Mon 6-Apr-15 16:12:58
Argh. The zero people who read this still will notice that there are no reviews here as of yet. One is done, and more shall follow. In the meantime I can only offer you this. I don't think that's a bad effer for someone who'd never used Blender before today. What do you think, oh humble reader(s)? Let me know in the comments...
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a site update at Mon 15-Sep-14 12:29:04
D'you know, I think SV may have set the world record for "longest time to complete Act 1". I'm very sorry, Gamespot reviewers of Sonic Lost World, but your title has been usurped.

But I think at last the tornado that is life has stopped carrying away the car-- um, that is, the goalpost for Zone 1 Act 2, and we are approaching the end of the zone far faster than the end of this tortuous metaphor. Pretty sure that's a C rank for this zone. (I don't care how slow it was, the site didn't actually die so I get the Perfect rank boost).

Um, anyway. What I mean by all of this, for the three-quarters of the anyone at all who reads this tripe anymore, is that I've finally got around to starting another site redesign, and with it I intend to finally restart the Reviews Section! And perhaps even invite people other than myself to contribute to it!

Also the site will look all appropriately flat and square and big panels of colour like you're supposed to do nowadays.
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a site update at Mon 5-Nov-12 12:50:29
...Can anyone tell me why I'm getting hits here for "Sonic Mars"? I'm pretty certain I've never mentioned the 32X prototype of X-treme here before. But, hey, why not.

Also also, I wonder what adding a comments section to the blog might prove...
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