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Welcome to Sonic Vegemite!

No really.
a site update at Tue 2-Oct-12 03:06:14

OK, so maybe I didn't change anything. In my defense, my life has changed a lot in the past year.

History teaches us that big updates equal procrastination. Which is why this is going to be a blog for a while until and unless I can, bit-by-bit, expand it.

A redesign will be done to that effect so as the site looks more like what it is. Archives of the existing site shall be made available.

And I'll just post here once every so often. No idea when or how often. If I get into a schedule I will. I might dig through and highlight some old SV stuff from time to time.

There might be more I can think of but I won't promise it until I can do this with some regularity.

a site update at Sun 7-Aug-11 17:13:24

Wonder upon wonders, I've done an update!

A lot of things have changed for me since the heady days of September 2010.

And a lot of things are about to change on this site in the future, both in content and staffing.

Bear with me, please.

Like that, for example.
a site update at Sun 19-Sep-10 12:21:08

So, as you can see, the WCMO page looks a little less stupid now! Hurrah and huzzah! Things are afoot, folks! Also, we're still getting a steady trickle of submissions... but I want more! MOAR! Submit, you humans!

To do...
a site update at Sun 5-Sep-10 07:41:56

The steady updates to SV content continue... although of course we'd always like more! Now that content submission is nice and settled, I intend to pretty the place up a bit over the next few weeks. First on the agenda is cleaning up the WCMO index, and some graphical changes which should make us look nicer. And a couple of behind the scenes changes that will eventually result in some nice features on the site!

And, of course, the return of Googler's Corner!

All this and less in the next exciting adventure of... :P

Content, and the liking of it.
a site update at Sat 19-Jun-10 00:12:26

Up to a big 5-0 WCMOs again! I should write something to count up how many Things there are total.

Also, don't worry, there are still WCMOs and reviews in queue, so if you don't see yours up yet, fret not!

Anyway, just glad that content is still coming in... although let's see some more hoaxes, folks!