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Layout History


Layout History 

Like the hedgehog himself, the design of Sonic Vegemite has changed over the years. Beyond this point lie the old layouts of Sonic Vegemite, way back to our Geocities days. You have been warned about some of these.

Version 5: The Return 11/2009-

The current layout. A work in progress, and has already seen significant improvement since its debut in late 2009. The site finally makes the switch to full PHP and CSS layout and ditches the last of the HTML table layouts. We also go retro with the classic Sonic graphical theme, and introduce header images. Also, the rightmenu is put in to help navigation. Behind the scenes, things are designed to be updated quickly and easily.

Version 4: "Classic" SV 3/2004-9/2008

The layout that was used before the site went on hiatus. First of all, the site gets upgraded from simple HTML to PHP and CSS. New directory structure, because dust was gathering on some of the old directories. New layout, including the shift from the top menu to the side menu and the moving from black to our spiffy dark blue tabled look. Hopefully, everything is much neater now as well, with steps taken to ensure all pages start the same way. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, we switch to new graphics and backgrounds.

Version 3: Welcome to Brackets 10/2003-3/2004

Sonic Vegemite gets a spunky new graphical style, and we change our font from serif to sans-serif. Also, we introduce the [yellow]white system, at first only for the layout credits and title. Didn't foresee the change this would eventually make to SV... Very few changes to the black in-frame pages, with the result that it was starting to look very.. organic. The layout changes too, with a small bar down the side introduced.

Version 2: When Frames Were Cool 12/2002-10/2003

Frames are introduced to SV with a very dark-blue look incorporating a JavaScript menu system and our counter finally without ads.

Version 1: Thankyou, Geocities ??/????-12/2002

SV outgrows my personal page of the time, Yakpage, and splits off on its own. It also grows this new black layout.

Sonic Vegemite Logos Then-Now

Every logo SV has ever used. EVER. In chronological order.
The very first SV logo, used as a button on YakPage.
A logo designed to resemble the Vegemite logo.
The first SV logo that in any way resembles the current one. Here we begin the tradition of using the ; instead of i in "Vegemite". It was also around this time the first "planet and two stars" splash screen image was introduced.
the [sv]2.0 logo. Redone in an SA2B style.
the [sv]3.0 logo. Recognise it?
The [sv]4.0 logo. Believe it or not, Sonic Heroes-themed.
The [sv]4.1 logo. As above, but slightly less rubbish.
The current logo. Shiny.