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What Cheeses Me Off:

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Welcome to What Cheeses Me Off! We know you're angry right now, but please breathe deep and count to ten while you read the following guidelines:
  • In order to save poor, benighted typing fingers, please limit yourself to up to ten(10) Things That Cheese You Off. Well, it's not like you have a choice, there's only 10 fields you can fill. People who choose to make multiple entries will have them ignored (or not) at the sole disgression of the staff.
  • Please don't tell us all about your personal dramas in real life. Remember, this is the internet. Anyone can see what you write, including that one person you just "secretly" said mean things about.
  • Keep it light. We set this up so people could have fun ranting about stuff, not because anyone at SV has any form of psychiatry qualification. Taking advice from a stranger on the internet about your real life problems ranks up there with the all-time stupid ideas.
  • Likewise, telling us things over the internet does not make us your bestest buddy that you can tell anything to. If when a staff member is checking your WCMO for approval they run away screaming "TMI! TMI!" that's a good sign that one is not going on the site.
  • Like we said, we know you're angry. But keep the CAPITAL LETTERS AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!! to an absolute minimum. We can get rid of them anyway if we don't like them.
Got it? Happy with that? OK then. Now...
What Cheeses You Off?
(Please start from Thing One every time. You don't have to fill out all ten Things, but fill out whichever ones you do use in order, please. Please do not use <HTML formatting tags>. Use [BBCode tags] for bold, italic, and underline.)
Thing One:
Thing Two:
Thing Three:
Thing Four:
Thing Five:
Thing Six:
Thing Seven:
Thing Eight:
Thing Nine:
Thing Ten:

If you have a username and password here, enter them now. If not, enter a username and password and they will be assigned to you here.

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